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Anjuna beach in goa

Anjuna is a popular beach in Goa, located to the north of the beaches of Baga and Calangute, and close to the beaches of Vagator and Chapora. The nearest town is Mapusa, which is a few kilometers to the east.

About Beach

Anjuna Beach is to the south of the village with its usual lot of restaurants and bars. Not really the most beautiful beach you can see in Goa, and not really a quiet place (beware of the occasional skydiver landing on the beach, watch out for that one infuriated cow), but it's still possible to have good times there. Be sure to check Curlie's at the end of the beach, that's the place where people meet, chill or just listen to music. That said, it is a racist place that systematically racially discriminates against Indians. If you are an Indian man, try going to the upstairs area of the shack at any point of the day or during any of their parties and you will be asked to pay an entry fee. Notice then how western tourists (men/women), however, are allowed to get in for free. After some prodding, the guy at the entrance will even admit to only charging Indians. So, Indian or not, if you're principally against racial discrimination, avoid this place.

What to see

Anjuna beach is to the west of the village with lot of restaurants and bars. Not really the most beautiful beach you can see in Goa, and not a quiet place, it is still possible to have good times there.
Anjuna Flea market happens on Wednesdays and runs from morning till dawn. Go early if you want to hunt for bargains, take a rest at noon and come back when it's not as hot anymore. The market offers pretty much anything of what you can think of. Haggling is expected and failing to do so means missing out on the best part. After the flea market is over in the evening you can visit Cafe Looda for live performance by many musicians.

Things to do

Goa is an excellent destination for water sports, the pleasant weather and calm waters and long coastline promises the most exciting of sports and adventure imaginable and for people of every level of competence-the beginner and the expert.
A perfect destination for those looking for plenty of fun in the sea, crammed with culture, sandy beaches and a sunny climate, it has everything the most discerning traveler could wish for.
Besides nightlife and sightseeing, Goa has also to offer a lot of adventure sports - there are a different trill sports you can choose from, jet skiing, wind, scuba diving, parasailing, the list is endless.


Anjuna is also the home of the most popular night club of goa:  Most of the time the security service will prevent the locals to enter the club. Even if it's worth going in once to enjoy the view, this is not the place where you want to go if you're looking for parties. Better go to nine bar or hilltop in Vagator and ask around for open-air parties.
There are nightclubs catering to western package tourists in Baga and Calangute to the south that are easy enough to get to by taxi.
Curly's This is definitely one of the best places in Goa during daytime for trance people, freaks, hippies & other positive people... :-) It is located just next to the Anjuna Flea Market place, on the extreme south of Anjuna beach. Nice beach shacks with really nice music (psy trance & ambient in Curly's bar, and Israeli psy trance in some another beach shack 50 metres further to the south), nice people - so this is really excellent place for some psychedelic relaxation before/after parties, or just for watching the beautiful Goan sunset while drinking some fresh pineapple juice.. )

Outdoor Parties

Anjuna is famous for its parties, however they are increasingly being discouraged by the authorities, you may be unlucky and not find any while you are here due to the police stopping them, you may want to try Arambol further north.
 If there's one when you're around, be sure to go to one of the famous full moon parties, or one of the less known black moon parties.
You can spot where the parties are by looking for the flickering lights of the "chai ladies" on the beach. They always congregate where the parties are happening, and the flames from their kerosene lamps are a great signpost.
Best idea is to go to Nine Bar in Vagator and ask around


Wednesday Flea Market
On the way to the beach by main road, you'll cross the Wednesday flea market location. The Anjuna flea market is attracting so many people from all north Goa every Wednesday that the traffic becomes a problem in south Anjuna. If you're going with a 2-wheeler you'll have to pay a few rupees for parking. Inside the market, you'll find all the shops that are on the streets the rest of the week and some more.
Ingos Saturday Night Market
This one is a must go, more diversity in the shops, good quality items, food stands but also usually more crowded. Many foreigners are running business in this market (didgeridoo player selling didgeridoos, to travellers doing some business to travel more, Tibetan cooking Tibetan food to raise money for Tibetan refugees, etc.). It's on the way to Arpora from Anjuna. You can also find some smaller night markets around, some are worth spending some time inside, others aren't.
Unfortunately it seems that Ingos has been forced to move from its old location at Arpora to a new location on the other side of the new road bridge just north of Siolim, its yet to be seen if the new location will be successful. Many of the Westerner stall holders have moved to Mackies for the moment.
Inkman's studio
Inkman's studio are known to be Printers, suppliers and distributers of promotional items. Apart from this they also deal in digital prints, papers, printers, inks. Inkman's studio products are known for their quality and economic prices. Inkman's studio first started in Mapusa, that is a business town close to where they have now moved. Located at the center of Anjuna,they cater to the tourism industry as well as the local markets. Known for customized printings for special occasions such as birthday's anniversary's weddings and all important events they have brought these products within the reach of the common man with extremely their low pricing.
Mackies Saturday Night Bazaar
This Goan run night-market has expanded recently and seem to have benefited from the problems experienced by Ingos, its worth a trip. It is located North of the river at Baga, to get there follow the windy road that heads south from Oxford Stores until you hit the T junction at Baga river, the entrance is just across the road to the left. Indian store-holders are concentrated in the first section, in the middle is a large bandstand with live music which seems to consist of popular covers from the package tourists from Calangute and Baga, you can buy beers here. Past the bandstand are the westerners stalls and the food stalls.
Roadside and Beach Stalls
It's impossible to miss these, you will be hounded by their owners saying 'come look my shop' at every opportunity. They have some good textiles and tee-shirts but mostly have the same items and there's much more choice at the markets. .
Fashion showroom Miriam Strehlau
The showroom of the designer is just behind the shore bar and offers the opportunity to purchase limited editions and customized pieces besides the actual collections as well as home accessories artwork. Characteristic for the design is the fusion of contemporary and tradition style. A mix of innovative materials, sustainable fabrics and handcrafted Indian textiles.
  • Osama - Is one hip boutique in Anjuna that deserves a mention. They stock some really hip T shirts and accessories that is quite exclusive. And stuff that you don't find in the run of the mill shops around in Anjuna. Osama is a great place for the latest in Psychedelic Chique! They also have branches in Baga on Tito's Lane and in Arambol on the main road leading to the beach.

 Where to Eat

  • Basilico is a pizza and pasta place near main crossing, to get there turn left on the way to Paradiso from main crossing, you'll see the sign indicating the way.
  • Biryani Palace is just down for Starco corner, this slightly more expensive restaurant specializes in North Indian dishes like Kebabs, Bryanis and Tandoor dishes. Friendly waiters.
  • Curlie's is one of the most active beach shacks of Anjuna beach. It's located near the south end of the beach. This is one place to go to meet people. It is also a racist place that systematically racially discriminates against Indians. If you are an Indian man, try going to the upstairs area of the shack at any point of the day or during any of their parties and you will be asked to pay an entry fee.
  • Munche's a.k.a. Munchies corner is open 24 hours a day. a place to eat food, have a drink, watch cable TV, meet people at night or find a list of upcoming parties. It's located on the left side of the road, on the road to Vagator between main crossing (Starco junction) and Oxford Arcade.
  • Oasis is one of the most popular restaurants in Anjuna. It serves cheep food and has friendly staff, its located on the north side of the main road towards the beach from Starco junction.
  • The German bakery is a nice and relaxing place for breakfast, having a drink with friends, or getting some quality bread and pastries. It's located on the way to the flea market, you can't miss the German bakery sign where you have to turn.
  • At LaFranza you will find one of the best Kingfish in Anjuna, King Prawns and Specialty's from the Tandoori-Oven (Chicken, Fish etc.) Try the Butter-Chicken, it's a must. Relax after a good Meal upstairs, or watch the Nightlife pasting by while you playing Pool or check your e-mail at the Internet-Cafe.
  • Zuri, net to the nightclub Paradiso, is a very nice place to go to eat. The views to the sea are beautiful and it feels really comfortable to be there with the breeze. The menu is not the best, but has some unique options.
  • Shore Bar. This is definitely the best place to eat in Anjuna. The food is really good and the menu is never ended!!! People are nice is is by the sea.
  • Avalon Sunset - Is a muliticuisine restaurant by the shore, good food and the Menu offers Indian, Israeli, Continental and Chinese. Very friendly staff. Being right on the shore by the rocks it s a great place just sit by and enjoy an afternoon drink as well. It's the first restaurant as you walk southwards towards the beach on the main street of Anjuna. They also hire bikes and the restaurant is a WI FI zone for browsing the internet. They even have laptops that they let the customers use.
  • Whole Bean (on the main road to the Anjuna flea market). Excellent place for lunch. Offering great tofu and other health foods. Worth a try.
  •  Bean Me Up is a popular Organic restaurant in Anjuna. Lots of vegetarian and vegan options available, amazing choice of salads and the food is always fresh and healthy, they do have musicians playing on certain nights, open for Breakfast, lunch and Dinner. Rooms also available.

What to Drink

Alcohol is cheaper all over Goa and is more freely available than most other places in the country, due to the relaxed taxes.
Beer is very common and is available from nearly all restaurants (German bakery is an exception) and many stores.
  • Kingfisher is the most common beer in Anjuna. It is available in large and small bottle.
  • Fosters from Australia is also fairly common.
  • King's, a pilsner specific to Goa, as opposed to Kingfisher which is an Indian lager.
  • Carlsberg and Budweiser are also quite popular and easilly available in and around Anjuna.
  • michele s cafe at la vie en rose. The owner is a French lady. It is a French cafe, recently opened, known for his exquisite Quiches and Desserts.  Open for breakfast with fresh fruit juices and delicious bacon mushroom omelets, the seat out is in the garden on the loan surrounded by flowers and trees. Also guest house with two specious rooms with attached bathroom and terrace and balcony.

How to reach

By Train

You have to get down at Mapusa train station:Thivim. Then the cheapest is to take the local bus to Mapusa bus station: Kadamba. - go out of the train station, across the parking, and along the road, if you don't see the bus, ask around. Then in Kadamba, Just ask around where is the bus to Anjuna.

By Bus
You'll arrive near Kadamba, or depending on the bus company sometimes directly inside Kadamba.

Get around

You can either hire yourself some transport or use the public transport, theres lots of choices available. For taxis, motorbike taxis and autorickshaws you can nearly always find some available near the main cross roads (Starco Junction) and it's best to negotiate the price before you get in.

By bicycles
It is possible to hire bicycles, usually without gears and somewhat dangerous to ride given the traffic.
By hire motorbikes
A great way to get around is to hire scooters or Motorbikes.   Bikes are available easily, just ask the locals who own restaurants , and shacks. refrain from asking the locals who run road-side stalls or flea markets. Also a good idea would be to ask the person at the reception at your hotel. If you're lucky, they can arrange one for you. If you do manage to get one please fill the tank to the fullest, as petrol pumps are far away from each other.

By local bus
These are very cheap and are a good way to get to other towns like Mapusa or Vagator but won't take you off the beaten track.
By motorcyle taxi
These are a Goan specialty, simply pay the driver and he'll take you where you want to go, probably the cheapest form of public transport after local buses. Most short trips will be in the ₨ 100 range. You will find one at Starco Junction.

By auto rickshaw
The usual indian autorickshaws are also available, cheaper than taxis more than motorbike taxis. Negotiate
By taxi
The most expensive option but the best for getting further afield like the airport or if you want to visit Old Goa or the beaches in South Goa.

Where to stay

There are many different places to stay in Anjuna (from hotel with swimming pool, to a room inside the family house), you'll find hotels, houses, and rooms almost everywhere, you just have to walk the streets with your backpack/luggage, and you'll be offered rooms.
Prices vary depending on the comfort, the commodities, the season, the duration of your stay, and your ability to bargain. To get cheaper prices, you should look in the south part, especially in St Anthony's church area.
  • Marth's breakfast home. If budget is not a problem, this is a nice and friendly place to stay on the way to flea market .
  • Villa Anjuna (on the road from StarCo Corner to Paradiso) is an excellent place to stay, but is slightly on the expensive side.  It is very safe, they have security 24 hours, the restaurant is also open 24 hours and the staff are really nice and friendly. The owner is also a very nice and polite man. The swimming pool area is really nice and clean and a good place to meet nice people.
  •  Florinda's Guest House  A wonderful place to relax in Anjuna. Right on the beach at "Florinda's Guest House". Beautiful Rooms with attached Bath and 24hr hot water. And so lovely in the Garden. Friendly people.
  • Hill view guest house Quite Guest House Situated on the slow of the hills of Anjuna. The Guest House is 10 mins walking distance from Anjuna Beach. In total we have 15 rooms which include occupancy for single, double and triple accommodation. Also A/c rooms available. Rooms with kitchen for long stay and 2 cottages are also available. All rooms have TV, Fridge, attached bath with hot shower. 600.

Latest news about The Beach

MAPUSA: The constantly-eroding Anjuna beach has now been given protection in the form of tetrapods. Sources informed TOI that the work of laying of tetrapods to save the land from being eroded by the sea has been completed.

Chief ministerManohar Parrikar along with water resources minister Dayanand Mandrekar had laid the foundation stone for the project in March, 2012. The very scenic Anjuna beach has been eroded by the sea over the years and now only a small stretch remains as the beach. Locals say that over the past decade, over 50m of the beach stretch has shrunk due to constant soil erosion.

Anjuna Travel Tips

  Tourists are informed to bring Lots of light cotton casual clothes, beach wear, hats and sunglasses and tubes of sunscreen cream with high SPF and many, many bottles of sun tan lotion.
Must do at Anjuna
  It is always better for tourists to enquire with local lifeguards before deciding to jump into the water.


Not to do at Anjuna
             Without lifeguards don't jump into the water.

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