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Bogmalo Beach Goa

Bogmalo ,   is a small beach-side village in Goa, India. Despite its small size, Bogmalo has a range of accommodation and places to eat. It is situated in a small bay with around a mile of curving sandy beach which is generally very quiet. It benefits from some beautiful sunsets.
The beach is located about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) from Dabolim Airport and 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) from the port town of Vasco da Gama. Thanks to its location almost exactly halfway along Goa's coast, Bogmalo is an ideal base for exploring the whole state. Fit for swimming during the tourist season and lined with small shops of artifacts and shacks offering tasty local food. Also hosts the sea-view 5-star Bogmalo Beach Resort.

The beach also possesses a number of beach shack restaurants, where the tourists can indulge in typical Goan cuisines. The restaurants located on the beach caters to need of the visitors relaxing on the beach. The beach seems to be an ideal spot picnicking; yet, it is noteworthy that it is among the less frequently visited beaches in Goa.


About The Beach

 Bogmalo BeachPreviously a small fishing hamlet, Bogmalo beach is endowed with astound natural beauty. The most fascinating feature of the beach is that it is not as much crowded as the other beaches of Goa. There are various eating joints and hi-tech shops all around the beach. Experiencing the village life is even more enchanting to the visitors. The Oberois have added yet another beautiful feather to Bogmalo's cap by managing a property built by the Trade Wings. The building stands right on the shore giving heart-stopping views of the Arabian Sea. The ambience around the place is simply ethereal and attracts huge number of visitors, picnickers and honeymooners. Accommodation is no big issue at Bogmalo. The deluxe hotels overlooking the beach promise a comfortable stay to one and all. There are ample accommodation opportunities at Bogmalo. There are deluxe hotels and then there are even low budget guest houses providing you fabulous accommodation. Bogmalo beach is one's opportunity to taste the mouth-watering Goan delicacies while at the same time feeling the exquisite blend of beauty and modern design sensibility.

Bogmalo Beach in Goa is fringed with coconut palms. One can also locate a number of fishing villages scattered around the beach. The tourists can also see a number of shipwrecks at this site. Besides, the Bogmalo Beach of Goa houses a small dive school.

Things to do 


For the adventure seekers, Bogmalo beach has ample opportunities to offer. Those who wish to indulge in fishing need to look no further as the beach itself is a popular fishing ground. Swimming is another option for the visitors. And for those who like the feel of being engulfed by foamy waves is the option of wind surfing. Parasailing is yet another attraction of the Bogmalo beach and it gives a chance of exploring the water world, frolicking with the winds at the same time. A small school recently opened in Bogmalo to give courses in diving. And Bogmalo is privileged to have this school that provides PADI- Approved Open Water Diving Courses.
There are lots of things to do at Bogmalo Beach. A person may try fishing with the local fishermen and may try various delicacies that are prepared through fishes. These dishes are available in the restaurants located near to it.
Sun Bathing
Most of the people who are visiting this place are going to have the sun bathing. This thing attracts to large numbers of tourists at this place. This beach is not so over crowded as compared to other beaches.
Diving is one of the major attractions at Bogmalo beach, Goa. Recently a diving school has started at that place and it is offering a course in diving. It is one of the few diving schools in India to do so.
Water Sports
Water Sport Activities There are lots of water sports that a person may enjoy on this beach. He may try fro the surfing, trekking, and various other popular sports which are available at this place. These things are also provided to the tourists at lower rate and with all safety precautions. A person may also enjoy diving classes that are held at this beach.



The Naval Aviation Museum
The Naval Aviation Museum is one of the prime places around this beach that attracts to large numbers of tourists. This museum is having all kinds of antique things like artilleries, weapons and other things that a re a part of Indian Navy. This museum is having those kinds of things that may provide entertainment to a person and also provides information to them as well.
Issorcim Beach
One can visit this beach and may get the great fishing experience. Most of the tourists are coming here and fishing with localites and fishermen. The treasures of this beach are the coral reefs and coral plates which are the main attraction of the tourists to this place. There is a school of fishes located at this beach where a person may watch the different varieties of fisheries and other exotic collection of aquatic animals.

Sao Jacinto Island
There is one of the tiny islands located near the Bogmalo beach is this island which is having old houses that looks beautiful. The cemented path which is there at this island provides a picture of the Kadamba period. This island is having spring which is of ancient in nature and the residents are using it for their household purposes.

This place is called as the San Antonio by its local people. This is because of its juicy calms and shallow waters. During the tidal conditions, large numbers of localities from Goa come and visit this place so that they may collect the Teesria. This is used to prepare the mouth watering milk curry of coconut. Most of the tourists use to some this place to enjoy the calm weather and other things.

The Oberoi Hotel
The Oberoi Hotel is the hotel that makes the visitors more special who are coming to this place. There are all kinds of natural beauty located near around this hotel. The most special thing about the place is that it is surrounded by the various fast food joints and shacks.
Hollant Beach
Apart from Bogmalo Beach, there is one more beach that is the centre attraction of the people and they are coming to enjoy over here.


There are lots of shops which are located at the Bogmalo Beach so that a person may purchase those things which are of his liking and also popular in Goa. There are large number of handicrafts and other decorative things available in these shops. A person may also purchase those things which he need and they are also available with bargaining option.

What to Eat and Drink

There are lots of food joints at Bogmalo Beach that offers delicious cuisines to the people who are coming to these places. There are lots of restaurants which are located at the place with huts so that people may enjoy their food easily. It goes even better when rain drops pour on these dishes. There are all kinds of flavors and food available for a person like international cuisines and Indian cuisines. A person may order the dishes of his choice.
Most of the restaurants which are located at this place are having the facility of credit cards and debit cards for the convenience of people. At night, the themes are decided so that the people may enjoy dance and music along with their foods. All kinds of seasonal and non seasonal cuisines are available and that too at reasonable rates so that large numbers of tourists may enjoy them.

How to Reach

By Air: The distance of Dabolim Airport from Bogmalo Beach is 18 kilometers and this is the reason that tourists from other countries may directly come to this place easily. They will get all kinds of private taxis and buses available.
By Rail: There are two railway stations which are closely located to the Bogmalo Beach. One is Margao and the other one is Vasco Da Gama. The Konkan Railway connects to the other parts of the country so that people may come from different states to this place easily. All kinds of public transports are also available at these railway stations.
By Road: There are all kinds of state transports available for a person so that he may come from different locations of Goa to this beach. Buses, taxis, private cabs and autos are available for all the times and a person may get convenience easily through them

Where to Stay

There are lots of places where a person may stay. The beach is having all kinds of accommodation facility available so that a person may enjoy his trip to Goa. There are large numbers of guest houses and resorts are available so that a person may stay safely. All these guest houses and other hotels are having security facility so that the foreign tourists may secure their baggage and other important things. The rooms are also neat and clean and all kinds of facilities are available in those rooms. A customer may get the room of his own choice which is available at the hotels. The rates of all the hotels vary as per the services.
There are various hotels which are popular among the beach where people stay frequently. The rates of all these hotels vary and a person must fix them while he is going to stay in them. Most of the 5 star hotels are having various modern facilities like spas, boutiques and others for the convenience of foreign tourists and high class tourists.

There are a number of luxurious properties overlooking the Bogmalo beach, Goa where the visitors can stay. There are some other guesthouses in the mid range in Bogmalo as well. These can be utilized for short stays.

Since Bogmalo Beach, Goa is dominated by package tours it is best to book before coming to this place. There are a couple of resorts like Coconut Creek and Bogmalo Beach Resort where visitors can enjoy a stay.

Visitors information

  • Bogmalo Beach is having all kinds of security facilities because of which all the security personnel are available. This minimizes the risk of accidents.
  • Those people, who are going to perform sports, must be more than 10 years of age. All the sports are having different age groups.
  • Those people who are going to perform the adventurous sports must need to sign the legal papers stating the things that they are aware of the all the risks and they are ready to perform those things.
  • All the operators who are available there are having safety equipments for the riders.
  • The rates may vary as per the season and presence of the people who are going to perform those sports.

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