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Carmona Beach Goa

The Carmona beach is situated in the Salcete district of South Goa. It is a beautiful beach that is very clean and is one of the most magnificient Beaches in Goa. Carmona village is located along the road in parallel to the 26 km beach of South Goa. Only the road signs will tell you that you are in Carmona. The villages follow one another along this long beach, and unless you pay attention to the road signs, it's not easy to know in which village you are. So, pay attention to them. If you come from the north, you'll see the sign above on your right indicating the beach. If you come from Cavelossim-Mobor, the road will be of course on your left. Then, it's simple, you just go straight for about 2 km, and you reach the place below.Carmona Beach is the name of a small part of South Goa sea coastline washed by warm waters of Arabian Sea. The resort has got its name from the name of the nearby village. The place is also known as Zalor Beach. The neighboring beaches are Fatrade and Varca Beaches in the north and Cavelossim Beach resort in the south. All of these great, fantastical resorts belong to Salcette municipal region (Salcette taluk), which is located in South Goa district.


Carmona Zalor beach is really one of the most beautiful and peaceful spot amongst the beaches in Goa, being in the same time not in an isolated place. Margao, the main south town is only a few kilometers away. When you are on this part of this wonderful 26 km (16 miles) beach of South Goa, there's no beach road access before Mobor Cavelossim, almost 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) south.x

About The Beach

Carmona beach is one of the beaches of South Goa in the Salcete region of Goa. This beautiful beach that is covered with white sand is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in South Goa. The beach in Carmona follows the same pattern to those of its counterparts, the Varca and the Cavelossim beaches. There are various kinds of entertainment and hotel accommodations at the beach besides the seafood that is very much characteristic feature of Goan cuisine.
Carmona Beach is a very beautiful, magical place, very pure and one of the most pleasant resorts in Goa. It is very similar to its neighbors – two famous comfortable Beaches of Cavelossim and Varca: a wide beach strip covered with fine and smooth sand of a very light color, warm sea waters, high level of security, quiet and calm places for having a relaxing rest. 
It is the beach that is very clean and one of the most magnificent beaches in Goa. The beach is very beautiful and follows the same pattern to those of its counterparts, the Varca and the Cavellossim beaches. The Carmona beach offers various kinds of Entertainment and hotel accommodations besides the seafood that is very much characteristic feature of Goan cuisine.
Just like Varca, Carmona is well connected with road and air. There is quite a lot of tourist occupancy also during the peak seasons.

What to do

Carmona beach is considered to be safe for swimming but you should not go into the water deeper than the waist as it could be dangerous no matter how well you can swim.
Water Sports
 There also many water sports organizers available at this beach who provide water sports facilities to those who are interested. Water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing and many more are available at Carmona beach.

 At the Carmona beach there are also various stalls selling pav bhaji, chat, coconut water, sun hats and hawkers indulging in various oil massages for foreign tourists.
Beach Parties
 Besides this, one can witness a lot of beach parties during Christmas and especially during the onset of the New Year at all these beaches, at North as well as South Goa.

 Sun Bath
The Carmona beach is very beautiful, very clean . All beaches in India are public beaches. Private enterprise has, however, responded well to the needs of visitors: there are beach umbrellas and chairs and tourists happily broiling themselves in the Goan sun.

The Carmona Village itself is located relatively far from the beach, in the west, very close to Sal River. The main attraction of this region is Catholic Church which is visited by dozens of people on Sundays.
  There is a famous church in Carmona known as the church of Nossa Senhora de Socorro, or Our Lady of Help that is prominently located at the center of the Village. Its interior and exterior design is exceptional and contrasts with the other church designs. 

Carmona Zalor, as almost all the beaches of Goa, is a fishing place, and you can see the fishermen active either morning, evening or at night.


Night life

Carmona beach is a hotspot for nightlife lovers in Goa. Numerous parties for various events and reasons keep happening at Carmona beach Goa.


 What To Eat and Drink

There are numerous shacks and restaurants lined up at this beach. These shacks are the favorite place of all beach lovers as they offer all kinds of international cuisines, fresh sea food and Goan Cuisine in their menu. They also have a great variety of drinks that will be quite refreshing at Carmona beach.You can also find many food stalls who provide the tourists with local foods and snacks.
Tourists can choose which way of rest do they want: they can do sports and various activities or simply relax under the tender sun laying on the beach. Shacks and shops, which you can find plenty of at the beach, offer their clients numerous services and sell amazingly tasty dishes (mostly made of fresh seafood) from International and traditional Goa cuisine for not so much high prices. You can taste here some traditional local dishes like pav bhaji, for example, or try some coconut water, buy a hat or enjoy fantastical relaxing massage with different aromatic oils usage. 
All the shacks in Carmona beach provide their customers with beds on the beach for sun bathing and for those who do not want to sun bath then they use beach umbrellas.

How to reach Carmona beach –

 in order to get to Carmona beach you can hire a taxi or an auto rickshaw from any place in Goa as Carmona beach is well connected to the other parts of Goa with road
Best time to visit Carmona beach is during the peak tourist season which starts in the month of October and ends by Mid March.

Where To Stay

y-star There's a bar restaurant open all year round on the left of the parking place.
    Many buildings have raised since a few years ago in Carmona, and not of the best taste, unfortunately. But in spite of that it is still a very peaceful place. These buildings are for the most part, empty for the moment.
There's a complex that exists for quite a long time: it's J.M.C, the Jose Menino Colonia, a group of first floor houses belonging to private owners or to rent, just a minute away from the beach. They have a medium size swimming pool, open all year round, where anybody can come for a small fee. Very useful during monsoon, when the sea is too rough to swim.


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