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Anjuna Beach

Anjuna is one of the popular beaches in Goa . It is located in north Goa beaches and it is close to Vagator and Chopara. Mapusa is The nearest town to Anjuna.
It is not so beautiful campared to other beaches in Goa but still it is pleasant place to tourist. One must visit this places in Goa tour.

About The beach

Anjuna is famous for it must visit Curlie's  where people enjoy in playing, listening music etc. Around the beach one must visit Anjuna Flea market. Every Wednesday there will be market from morning till night. Where u can shop different Goa handicrafts etc.  Night life in Anjuna is famous for parties. Many Beach side shacks are also there where u can enjoy Goa food and drink and also enjoy music.

Things To Do in Beach

There are  number of markets near Anjuna Beach .
  • Wednesday Flea Market On the way to the beach  towards main road, you'll find the Wednesday flea market location. The Anjuna flea market is attracting so many people from all north Goa which takes place every Wednesday.

  •  Ingos Saturday Night Market This one is a must go place.  You can find different types of shops , good quality items, food shacks but  usually more crowded. Many foreigners are running business in this market. It's on the way to Arpora from Anjuna. You can also find some smaller night markets around the beach. 
  • Mackies Saturday Night Bazaar This is also one of the famous night market, where  you can see many Indian and foreigners' shop and also enjoy music by band set present within the market. 
  • Road side and Beach side stalls One should not miss this opportunity to shop textiles, T shirts, etc...  .
Night Life 
 Anjuna is also famous for night parties . You can find many Beach side Shacks, bar famous for parties and also you can enjoy food and music there. Curlie's is the one where you can enjoy in day time.  
Eat and Drink
There are many Beach side shacks where you can taste delicious Goan food.
Basilico is the place near the main road famous for pizza and pasta.
Biryani palace is the one known for North Indian dishes, kebabs, tandoors etc..   .
Oasis is the one you find Goan dishes. It is one of the popular restaurant in Anjuna.
German Backery famous for breakfast.

There are many other restaurant around Anjuna beach which serves great Goan delicious dishes.
Kingfisher is the most common drink in Anjuna. available in most of the places in Anjuna.

Where To Stay

There are many places to stay in Anjuna, You can find accommodation every where in Anjuna starting from cheap budget to of the famous stay places in Anjuna are Martha's breakfast home, Villa Anjuna, Florinda guest house , hill view guest house etc...   .

How To reach

  • By Train: First you have to reach Mapusa by train. From there you will get bus, taxi to reach Anjuna.
  •  By Bus: From everywhere you will get buses to Mapusa, from there you will get buses to Anjuna. 
  • Getting AroundYou can hire auto rickshaw , motor bike, taxis in order to get around Anjuna. You will also get around by local buses.

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