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Chapora Beach

Chapora is a Costal village at Chapora river estuary. It is about 10kms from Mapusa a city in north Goa and approximately 24kms from the Panaji the capital of Goa. It is close to Chapora fort a famous Portuguese fort.


About The Beach

Chapora  beach is a ideal place for people who love peace and quite atmosphere in there trip. It is a scenic beach with beautiful weight sand and huge number of coconut palms surrounding it . There are black Lava Rocks too at  the beach which attracts the tourist in huge number .This beach is also very close to the Vagator  beach and Anjuna beach.
The Chapora beach also have rural flavour as Chopara beach is attached to it. This village is well known for fishing as u can see number of fisher men go to the sea with the net and come back with the huge number of fishes in it . Chapora is also famous for its Sun rise and Sun set.

Things To Do

Water Sports: Chapora is well known spot for water sports activities. One can engage themselves in different water sports . The peoples can enjoy jet skiing, Para gliding, water scooter, wind surfing etc.
Dolphin Spotting and Crocodile Watching: One can go Dolphin spotting and crocodile watching in boat arranged by localites.
Swimming: Swimming in Chapora is not that easy. One can enjoy swimming here with the life guards.
Fishing: The Chapora is well known as good  fishing  spot and frequently one can see tourist fishing here. Behind the beach there is Chapora fort and there is fishing jetty at the beach where trawlers can dock.
Sunbath, Sun Raise and Sun Set: One can enjoy and time pass in there trip doing sunbath here as it is very beautiful spot for Sun raise and sun set. People can stay here for long time.
Sight Seeing: Not only The beach one can also visit some places which r very much near to the beach.
  • Chapora Fort:  Chapora fort is the 500years old Portuguese fort  present at the mouth of the chapora river and also it is connected to the vagator beach. According to the historical information, the old Indian fort, on the ruins of which the Portuguese have built there own fort in the 17th century. The unusual structural plan, the unique nature of the fort attracts the attention of historians, architectural experts and also tourist. Chapora Fort is first recognised in the Movie called Dil Chahata Hai. From this ancient fort one can enjoy the splendid views of the Chapora beach, adjoining Vagator beach and overlooks the Arabian Sea from all the angles. The fort is located on top of a hillock with slopes on all sides, and though it is almost in ruinsnow, it doesn't stop visitors from standing where Bollywood stars once did.
  • Rural Life: Chapora is well known for its village life as beach lies attached to the Chapora village. You can enjoy and under stand the rural life and fisher men carrying there net after fishing and also kids playing in there dry dock boats.
Shopping: There is no shopping compex here for shopping but one can shop in Chapora village where a small market is there where u can number of variety of  gift items , handicrafts, earthen pots, lamps, art crafts, accessories, spices and many more. Some shops sell antiques, handicrafts, trinkets specially made out of sea shells.
Eat and Drink: Eating in Chapora is quite enjoyable. One can find many beach side restaurants, shacks, hotels in and around the beach. The popular Welcome, halfway down, offers a reasonable selection of  seafood, Western and Vegetarian dishes, plus relentless reggae and techno music, and backgammon sets. The Preyanka, nearby, is also well known, but has a few more Indian and Chinese options. Scarlet Cold Drinks and the Sai Ganesh CafĂ©, both a short way east of the main street, knock up deliciously cool fresh fruit milkshakes. One can  try 'Bebinca' a Goan delicacy made from tender coconuts.

How To Reach

By Air: The nearest airport is Dabolium which is 29kms from Panaji . From Panaji one can reach chapora by buses or taxi.
By Train: The nearest railway station is karmali which is 11kms from Panaji.
By Road: One can reach here by bus as Panaji is 22kms away from the beach. One can also reach here through Mapusa which is 9kms away.

Where To Stay:

Accommodation in Chapora is quite easier. One can get some Guest house or rented rooms in villagers house. In peak time it is quite difficult to find accommodation here. Some of the recognised stay in Chapora are Abhu John, Boba, Hill top etc.

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